Medical Planning

ELI's Medical Planning service offers comprehensive assistance in planning and designing medical facilities. We collaborate with healthcare institutions to create functional and efficient spaces that meet the unique needs of medical professionals and patients.


Needs Assessment
  • Analyze requirements and gather stakeholder input.
Space Planning and Design
  • Optimize facility layout and ensure compliance.
Equipment Planning and Integration
  • Efficiently incorporate medical equipment.
Workflow Optimization
  • Streamline processes for improved efficiency.
Compliance and Safety
  • Meet healthcare regulations and safety standards.
Project Management
  • Oversee implementation and monitor progress.


Enhanced Efficiency

Optimize workflows and facility layout.

Patient-Centred Design

Create spaces focused on patient well-being.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet healthcare standards and regulations.

Safety and Infection Control

Prioritize patient and staff safety.

Streamlined Operations

Improve productivity and effectiveness.

Project Coordination

Seamless management of planning and implementation.

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Choose ELI’s Medical Planning service for functional and efficient medical facilities.

We consider your unique need to deliver spaces that promote quality care and operational excellence.


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