Radioactive Leakage Test

ELI's Radioactive Leakage Test service ensures the containment and safety of radioactive materials through thorough testing and evaluation. Our services detect and prevent potential leaks or releases, ensuring regulatory compliance and a safe environment.


Leakage Testing
  • Conduct comprehensive tests to detect radioactive material leaks.
  • Utilize advanced detection techniques and equipment.
  • Evaluate containment system integrity and identify leaks.
Containment Evaluation
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing containment systems.
  • Identify areas for improvement and vulnerabilities.
  • Provide recommendations to enhance containment.
Radiation Monitoring
  • Perform regular radiation monitoring for safe radiation levels.
  • Utilize precise radiation detection instruments.
  • Monitor critical areas and containment systems.
Regulatory Compliance
  • Ensure compliance with radiation protection regulations.
  • Conduct tests following regulatory guidelines.
  • Provide documentation for audits and inspections.
Maintenance and Repair
  • Offer maintenance and repair for containment systems.
  • Address issues to maintain system integrity.
  • Provide ongoing support for leakage prevention.


Safety Assurance

Prevent radioactive material leaks.

Regulatory Compliance

Meet radiation protection standards.

Early Detection

Promptly detect leaks and releases.

Preventive Measures

Enhance containment and prevent leaks.

Expert Testing and Evaluation

Access specialized expertise.

Documentation and Compliance Support

Receive comprehensive reports.

Our Team is Trusted & Certified by:
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Choose ELI’s Radioactive Leakage Test service for reliable testing, evaluation, and maintenance.

Our expertise and commitment to safety ensure regulatory compliance and a secure environment.


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