Radioactive Monitoring System

ELI's Radioactive Monitoring System – an advanced solution for accurate and real-time radiation monitoring. This system ensures the safety of personnel and facilities with its sensitive detectors, remote monitoring capabilities, and customizable alerts.

Key Features

Accurate Detection

Highly sensitive detectors measure alpha, beta, gamma, and neutron radiation levels accurately.

Real-time Data and Alerts

Continuous monitoring and customizable alerts provide immediate responses to abnormal radiation readings.

Remote Monitoring

Access radiation data and control the system remotely from a centralized location.

Multi-Point Monitoring

Simultaneously monitor radiation levels at multiple locations within a facility for comprehensive coverage.

Data Logging and Analysis

Record and analyze radiation data over time for historical analysis and compliance reporting.

Integration and Compatibility

Seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure and radiation monitoring networks.


Enhanced Safety

Continuous and accurate radiation monitoring ensures the safety of personnel and facilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Helps meet compliance requirements with continuous monitoring and data analysis.

Early Warning

Immediate alerts enable prompt response to abnormal radiation levels, minimizing risks.

Operational Efficiency

Remote monitoring and centralized control streamline operations and save time.

Data-driven Decision Making

Historical data analysis provides insights for informed decision-making.

Versatility and Integration

Compatible with existing infrastructure, facilitating a seamless implementation process.

Choose ELI’s Radioactive Monitoring System for accurate and real-time radiation monitoring, ensuring safety and regulatory compliance

With advanced features and seamless integration, ELI provides reliable solutions for radiation monitoring in various industries.


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